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Wardrobe Systems

Customise your closet with our exclusive range of wardrobe solutions and internal accessories.

The wardrobe is typically the most neglected space in a household, lacking in efficient storage and organisation.

Here, at GJ we provide you access to heritage Italian brands that promise you the gift of an innovative, reliable, silent wardrobe. We provide Open Wardrobe solutions, Inline Solutions, Outer wardrobe systems, Inner Wardrobe systems, and options in Sliding and folding doors for wardrobe. 

Apart from that, our German and Italian internal wardrobe accessories from Moda, Slide Systems and Llano provide you with the comfort of customisation and the flexibility of arrangement.

Slide Systems from Turkey aims at providing quality, reliable hardware at the most affordable prices for the Indian Market. Their focus lies in bringing the Indian hardware customer one step closer to the finest, ergonomically sound accessories at prices that warrant purchase.

Krona Koblenz provides solutions for sliding and hinged doors. Its head office is located in Coriano, Rimini. Its structure perfectly reflects the spirit of the Krona Koblenz Group: 1500 mq of avant-garde technology and pure design are embedded in the suggestive inland landscapes of Rimini. But the real business capital of this Company is represented by its Human Resources: a mix between the professional skills and the qualified experience of its long-term collaborators, together of course with the enthusiastic participation of the many young people working there.

The company has been being for years on the market as producer of accessories for furniture, articles of furnishing in metal, lamps and similar products. The good result of a product it is the result of the a lot of components, two among the most important the choice of the materials and the destination of use, better the practicality. The aluminium is one of the material to work on measure. Who chooses today the aluminium, its colour, its surfaces, its plasticity, it makes interpreter of the idea of a technology some more noble.

Menage Confort originates from Spain and has had over 70 years of experience creating innovative solutions for practical and reliable home fittings with emphasis on design and development. The open wardrobe system is a concept that is slowly catching up in Asia. It is one that offers the possibility of minimum wastage and maximum functionality.

Established in 1988, Bortoluzzi from Italy places great emphasis on creating a 'silent wardrobe' that exudes functionality, smooth handling and luxury. Today, we can offer a wide range of patented products, designed to make sliding doors opening and closing silent, pleasant and safe for the most diverse types of compartments; Our offer includes 7 lines of products with 5 different sliding mechanisms (coplanar, overlapping, fold-away, with vertical and lateral movement), adjustable for doors from 45 to 200 cm wide and weighing between 10 and 100 kg.

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