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Wall Cladding

Say no to placid white walls. Define and shape your surroundings with our exquisite Wall Cladding solutions.

We offer 3 exclusive options for decorative wall cladding.

Silicious Earth –

Silicious Earth by Metaphor is a natural mineral and plant based wall cladding material that can be used both externally and internally. It is waterproof, lightweight, fire retarding, anti ageing, sound absorbing and helps effectively cut off Ultra Violet radiation.

Silicious earth comes in the classic Roman Travertine, Chile Slate, Vicissitude Stone and Dragon Tail Snare finishes.

Gemss –

Gemss mosaics are Eco-friendly wooden wall claddings that come in a new palette of textures using a wide array of wood species from across the world, providing numerous design options.

With it’s modular, pre-glued tile format, it helps in minimising wastage during application and can be used to clad flat and curved surfaces of any size with uniform appearance.

Radiance –

Radiance is a new range of backlit wood mosaics, with a mixture of coloured acrylic and wooden mosaics meshed together. This is pre-glued and is available in vibrant colours that will enrich the surrounding aesthetics.

Gemss mosaic tiles and sheets are created with precision, backed by meticulous engineering and stringent measures of quality control resulting into very high levels of production quality and utmost consistency across different batches of production. As a cladding material, Gemss recreates the sophistication of richly crafted wooden surfaces with lesser degree of skills required for its application vis-a-vis surfaces crafted by traditional craftsmen. Application of Gemss over any surface and its finishing is done much faster as compared to application of traditional wooden products.

Luminescent range of Backlit wooden mosaics by Turakhia Decor.

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